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Baker Marketing is Adelaide's Leading

Digital Marketing Agency

With over 20 years experience Baker Marketing’s goal is to assist you in growing your sales and profits and building your brand. Whether you need actionable advice or hands-on support, our team expert marketers are here to help.

 We specialise in all areas of marketing including:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO Websites
  • Social Media
  • Creative Design
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising

 Everything we do is tailored to your business’s unique needs, with the goal of growing your sales, profits and brand.

We are starting today with a free comprehensive digital health check, completed by an expert digital marketing consultant. You will receive an email that outlines your digital presence with:

  • Actionable advice, backed by sound strategy and years of marketing experience. 
  • Recommendations on a wide range of digital strategies that will grow your sales potential. These can be implemented alone and in-house, or with the help of one of our digital marketing consultants based in Adelaide. 
  • Access to a full range of marketing services and marketing professionals right here in Adelaide to get you started, keep you going and make your marketing even more powerful.

Book Your Digital Marketing Health Check

Digital Marketing Health Check

By Baker Marketing 



  • Do you want to know where your digital marketing strategy might be letting you down?


  • Do you want to identify and prioritise the areas for improvement that would be most beneficial for your business?


If you answered yes to either of these questions, then a free digital marketing health check might be precisely what you have been looking for.



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Website Performance


Optimising your website's performance is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads, and increasing revenue. Baker Marketing can help you understand the technical aspects of your website and solve problems that lead to lowered conversion.

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Mobile Responsiveness


Traffic from mobile devices is growing fast. Baker Marketing will check your mobile responsiveness and offer tips and suggestions for gaining valuable traffic, leads, and revenue.

digital marketing agency adelaide



Baker Marketing will ensure your website is easy for users to discover and easy for search bots to understand, through page titles, headings, meta descriptions and keywords.

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Baker Marketing will check the security of your website and ensure you are safe from attacks and your customers feel safe while they are on your site.




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Digital Advertising


Digital advertising is an ever-changing landscape that you have to adapt to continually. Optimising your social presence is a great way to promote your brand and services. Your digital marketing consultant will check your social media presence and ensure it is optimised fully.